Services Offered:


As a licensed psychotherapist, I provide psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. To determine whether or not I am the appropriate therapist for you, EMAIL ME or call for an in depth consultation about how I might be able to be of service to you. In the Publication section of this web site is a “Personal Touch” column I have written called “When Considering Psychotherapy”. It will give you a guide to the issues you need to consider before choosing a therapist.

As a therapist I offer a marital assessment package that might be valuable for you as a couple to assess the strengths and weakness of your marriage. This assessment, which goes beyond the Martin Marriage Test, is designed to provide you with an in-depth view of your marriage, where you are strong as a team, and where you need to consider changes. I interview both parties individually, and then see you together as a couple to go over the strengths and weakness that you have communicated to me are present in your marriage. Many people find it hard to get their partner to communicate with them when their marital communication system has broken down. This assessment will provide you with a clear and concise evaluation that will clarify what needs improvement and what is strong about your marriage. Usually this process takes four hours. One hour is spent interviewing each individual, and two hours are assigned for the assessment to be discussed with both of you as a couple.

My fee for services is $150 per session. I do not accept insurance as reimbursement for my services, but I will support you in getting reimbursed if your insurance pays for psychotherapy. My therapy office is located in Moss Beach, 20 miles south of San Francisco.

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