The Everything Parents Guide to Children with OCD

Published by Adams Media, September 2008.

OCD can be a difficult problem for children to manage, and this book gives an understanding of the issues and practical guidance to assist your child with what can be a debilitating problem. It gives practical reassuring advice for raising a happy well-adjusted child who otherwise could become overwhelmed with the symptoms of OCD.

The Everything Guide to a Happy Marriage

Publishing by Adams Media, July 2009.

This book is about the lessons that make marriage work. These lessons I have learnt from my own marriage and what I have observed over 28 years as a Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. The book includes the Martin Marriage Test and many of the principles that produce a good working marriage. Marriage is not always an easy relationship, but with thoughtfulness and guidance it can be rewarding and beneficial to both parties. It is possible to have a happy marriage. This book explores that possibility.

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